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Boxing Germany GmbH was established in 2014 as a high-tech lubricant company that integrates research and development, production, and sales.  At present, the company mainly sells automotive lubricants, automotive brake fluid, and automotive maintenance products.  The headquarters is located on the beautiful banks of the Rhine River in Germany, the fourth largest city and one of the most important ports in Germany - Cologne.

With strong corporate strength and economic foundation, the company has invested 20 million euros to establish the "BoXing Company Research Center" and production base.  The base includes 20 ton (S-grade) reaction tanks and 1000 ton (5-grade) blending tanks, with a total of 4 fully automatic dust-free filling workshops, fully realizing the automation and precision research and production of lubricating oil products under the "BoXing" enterprise.

In 2016, the company adjusted its market layout and conducted close cooperation with TTK Institute (a key independent agency of the German government), focusing on the technical research and development of oil products, providing ODM customized services and quality assurance for global automotive lubricants.

The company's business philosophy of "winning trust through quality", "winning trust through service", and "winning the future through innovation" deeply cultivates the international market and creates industry and international first-class brands.

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