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Shell E15 Regular 88

Shell E15 Regular 88

Shell E15 Regular 88 is an alternative to E10 gasoline

Shell E15 Regular 88 is a gasoline blend containing 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline that has 5% more ethanol than the most commonly available fuel E10 which contains 10% ethanol. This greater ethanol amount provides a higher octane rating of 88 versus regular 87 octane E10 fuel as measured by the (R+M)/2 method.

Upholds our strong commitment to High Quality Fuel

Shell E15 Regular 88, like all our gasolines, contains Shell’s patented cleaning additive. This helps keep your engine clean and removes baked-in deposits left by low quality fuels. Shell E15 Regular 88 contains more than twice the amount of detergent than is required by federal standards and meets Top Tier’s™ high standards for gasoline.  This is just one example of our commitment to fuel innovation and what separates Shell Gasoline from lower quality fuels.

Where can I find Shell E15 Regular 88

Currently Shell E15 Regular 88 is available at the following Shell locations and availability continues to grow every day. You may notice E15 sold by other retailers labeled as Regular 88, Unleaded 88, or Unleaded 15. Shell E15 Regular 88 is available at the following select locations

Is Shell E15 Regular 88 right for your vehicle?

Shell recommends you consult your vehicles owner’s manual or engine/equipment manufacturers fuel recommendations prior to using to ensure your vehicle was designed for E15 gasoline.

Per the EPA, E15 is not approved fuel for vehicles model year 2000 and older, motorcycles, nonroad vehicles (like snowmobiles and boats), vehicles with heavy-duty engines (such as buses and delivery trucks), or engines in off-road equipment (like lawnmowers and chainsaws).

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