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Need to fill up with premium gas? Learn all about our best fuel ever, Synergy Supreme+™

Need to fill up with premium gas? Learn all about our best fuel ever, Synergy Supreme+™

Ready to treat your engine right? With Synergy Supreme+ premium quality gas, you can keep your engine 2X cleaner for better gas mileage.‡ That means it’s not just our best fuel ever – it could even be your engine’s favorite fuel ever.

Synergy Supreme+ premium gas generally has an octane level of 93, but may be blended and sold at an octane level of 91 or 92 in certain areas of the US. So what are some of the benefits of premium gas with a high octane level?

Octane ratings are a measure of fuel stability. Using a lower octane fuel than required for your vehicle may damage the engine and emissions control system over time. So when it comes to regular gas vs premium, 91-93 octane gas provides improved performance and fuel economy in vehicles designed to run on premium gasoline. Every time you fill up with gasoline, you’re helping keep your engine happy.

Our gas offers better clean for better gas mileage

Fuel injectors – like spray bottles – don’t work well when they’re clogged. When it comes to functionality, fuel injectors are an essential part of your car’s engine, delivering fuel at the right time to ensure efficient combustion. Some lower tier gas can leave deposits on fuel injectors, resulting in decreased performance. This is one of the big differences between premium gas vs regular that can make a big impact.

Synergy Supreme+ premium gas contains detergent that helps remove deposits – for cleaner fuel injectors, better fuel economy and smoother engine operation. Here’s how it works:

  • Deposits accumulate on port fuel injection (PFI) intake valves and gasoline direct injection (GDI) fuel injectors

  • Our Synergy Supreme+ premium gas contains significantly more cleaning agents than federal standards require leading to outstanding cleanliness

  • It keeps your engine clean by reducing deposit buildup

  • It even cleans up your engine by removing existing deposits left behind by gasoline that meets minimum government standards††

Premium gas helps reduce friction and protect against engine

Whether it’s your dancing shoes or engine parts, friction means wear and tear. When moving engine parts aren’t protected, friction can contribute to erosion and wear, not to mention the extra strain on your engine caused by the heat. Excess friction might reduce engine efficiency and performance with time. By fueling up with premium gasoline, you’ll help safeguard your engine from friction.

We added a friction modifier to Synergy Supreme+ premium gas to prevent friction and provide you with our best engine protection ever. What that means for your vehicle:

  • Our friction modifier reduces wear and tear by 30%‡‡

  • It prevents metal surfaces from rubbing together, which can lead to improved performance and fuel economy

  • You get a gasoline that protects vital engine parts

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